Heartsome TMX Editor 8.0 is available now!

  • Designed to handle big TMX files, allowing you easily edit contents and various TU attributes of super-sized TMX or TM files.
  • Help you filter out segments with inconsistent translations, invalid characters, or untranslated segments etc. with convenient conditional filters.
  • Filters can be customized. This means you can filter out segments with any default or customized attributes. Then you can modify, correct, delete or export these filtered segments as needed.
  • Automatically delete duplicate segments (only the latest instance will be kept), old inconsistent translations and untranslated segments etc. in one task.
  • Clean all tag and formatting information in your TMX with just one click, to increase your TM matches or TM stability.
  • A new TMX converter to help you convert all kinds of bilingual file formats, such as Word / tab-separated TXT / Excel to TMX/TBX/HSTM/HSTB, or vice versa.
  • Perform a list of QA checks on your TMX file and make TMX QA a simple task.
  • Support various operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. This means TMX files created by CAT software on any of these OSes will be compatible.
  • Support all types of TM from Heartsome Translation Studio, including desktop-based TMs (*.hstm) and various server-based TMs.

For more features, Please see list of main features of Heartsome TMX Editor 8!


Should you have any question about our product, please use our online Sales Information Request Form or email us at: sales_contact<AT>heartsome.net.

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