Heartsome Dictionary Editor

The Concept

The first XML-ready multilingual dictionary editing tool, it is a long-awaited choice for users in need of professional terminology management solutions. It is a concept-based application that is fully in compliance with the industry standard for terminology management, the Term Base eXchange (TBX).

This is an ideal tool designed to provide professional translators and terminologists with a complete application capability. It perform immaculately a wide range of multilingual terminology management functions: term extraction, concept definition, and translation. There is no limit to the number or type of languages that can be stored within any single terms database in the Heartsome Dictionary Editor.

Main Features
  • Translation Technology: designed to be fully in compliance with existing open standards
    • TBX (TermBase eXchange) for terminology database

      TBX is an open XML-based standard format for terminological data. This standard provides a number of benefits so long as TBX files can be imported into and exported from most software packages that include a terminological database. This capability will greatly facilitate the flow of terminological information throughout the information cycle, inside an organization and with outside service providers as well. In addition, terminology that is made available to the general public will become much more accessible to humans, not just machines, and more easily integrated into existing terminological resources.

    • TMX (Translation Memory eXchange v1.4 and below) for translation memory database
    • UTF-8 (Unicode) for text encoding
    • ISO 639 for language codes and ISO 3166 for country codes
  • File Management Features: designed to provide versatility in compatibility with other related products
    • single language term extraction tool that supports the following file formats: RTF, HTML, XML, DITA, Plain Text, PO, RC/ResX, FrameMaker MIF, SVG, Open Document (OpenOffice.org 2.x) and OpenOffice.org 1.x, Office 2003/2007 XML formats, Trados TTX and Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3 INX
    • bilingual terms extraction tool that supports extraction of pairs of terms from bilingual TMX-compliant translation memory files
    • indirectly but intentionally supports common proprietary file formats: Microsoft Office non-XML formats (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Adobe InDesign CS
  • Powerful plugin set (items marked by + sign come with Professional Edition only)
    • CSV to TBX Converter
    • CSV to TMX Converter +
    • MARTIF to TBX Converter +
    • XSL Converter +
  • Editing features: designed to optimise the performance and productivity of translators and terminologists
    • concept editor that provides full flexibility for defining and explaining a concept

      comes with a metadata configuration tool that enables users to design and prepare various kinds of metadata templates for use with different types of terms list.

    • fully configurable hot-keys and conveniently positioned shortcut icons
    • multiple terminology and translation memory search and retrieval options: instantaneous search through existing databases; search by concept, term or phrase: activation done automatically or manually; fuzzy concordance search in locating the most remotely match results; etc.
    • side-by-side display of translation memories in one or more languages to browse contents
    • supports all input methods in use on the system, complete with basic edit functions: cut, copy, paste and undo editing
  • Database Features: designed to take in powerful and robust TM database support to users without inflating cost
    • world's first CAT tool to deploy a wide range of non-proprietary third-party databases to give users the professional level of robusity found only in such dedicated commercial or open source databases
    • all editions are provided with HSQL, an open source database as a built-in database
    • professional editions are provided with built in support for the most popular commercial and open source databases in use: MySQL 4.x/5.x, Oracle 9x and 10x, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and HSQL
    • each and every database created in a Heartsome CAT tool is configurated for immediate real-time seamless connection, facilitating instantaneous updating and sharing of translation memory and terms lists, locally and remotely

      only the professional edition is equipped to support remote access across any form of network: LAN, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, etc.

  • Advance features: designed to render and provide additional support, especially for technically-inclined users to further redefine the efficacy of their Heartsome tools
    • first of a kind CAT tool in the marketplace to provide fully configurable support for OASIS-compliant XML catalogue management
    • configuration of XML files conversion rules