Heartsome Translation Studio

Product Features

  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and other platforms
  • Integrates open language technology standards:XLIFF, TMX, TBX, SRX.
  • Supports UTF-8 (Unicode)
  • Complies with ISO 639 and ISO 3166

Main Functions


  • New integrated main interface provides multiple panels, including a project management panel, a translation panel and a TM panel.
  • Complete the whole translation process from pre-preparation to post-processing with this single unified interface.
  • Drag and drop panels to create your preferred layout, minimize and maximize them, or switch between vertical and horizontal layouts.
  • New translation panel displays all translation content for better context.
  • Manage all your translation memories and terminology databases in one window, and save all database server connection information automatically.

Project Management

  • Heartsome 8.0 is project-based. The New Heartsome 8.0 project management panel supports powerful drag-and-drop and batch operations.
  • Intelligent locking of repetitions
  • Customize calculation of the equivalent wordcount to be paid at the full word rate.
  • Real-time translation and editing progress statistics.
  • Automatically lock duplicates.
  • Automatically propagate translation.
  • Export/import project packages.
  • Split files at any specific place in the file.

File Converter

  • Supported file formats include: RTF, HTML, XML, DITA, plain text, Java Properties, PO, RC/ResX, SVG, Open Document (OpenOffice.org 2.x) and OpenOffice.org 1.x, Office 2003 (indirect support), tagged RTF. Also features a sophisticated segmentation rules manager that complies with the SRX standard.
  • New and enhanced filters for Adobe FrameMaker 7/8/9/10 MIF files, Adobe InDesign IDML files, SDL Trados XLIFF files and DejaVu XLIFF files.
  • Redesigned Microsoft Office 2007/2010, HTML, and SDL Trados TagEditor (.ttx) filters.
  • New file conversion rules.
  • New, highly-efficient XML parser.

Translation Engine

  • Customize filter conditions while performing concordance searches.
  • Enhanced terminology consistency functionality.
  • Enhanced sample-based machine translation.
  • Support for Google Translate API v2 and Bing Translator.
  • Innovative pre-storing of machine translations.

Editing Functions

  • Fully configurable hotkeys and ergonomic shortcuts.
  • Customize translation status colors.
  • Integrated context match technology.
  • Append translation unit properties, such as project-related information, job-related information, modified by, modified on.
  • Enhanced file preview.
  • New shortcuts for steamlining tag management and insertion.
  • Support for all common input methods, including basic editing functions:Cut, copy, paste and undo.

Quality Assurance

  • Real-time automatic checks and batch checks.
  • New segments filter.
  • Open selected files in one tab.
  • Export RTF for proofreading.

Translation Memory and Termbases

  • Easily share TMs and termbases from anywhere around the world.
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and various other databases.
  • Supports cloud databases, such as Amazon RDS.

Powerful Plug-ins

  • CSV to TBX Converter
  • CSV to TMX Converter
  • MARTIF to TBX Converter
  • TMX to Trados TXT memory file Converter
  • Java Properties Viewer
  • RTF Cleaner
  • TMX Validator
  • XSL Converter

License Management

  • Licenses can be verified and activated automatically online.
  • One license can be migrated among several computers.